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The Better Business Book
100 People - 100 Stories - 100 Business Lessons
Are You (Un)Intentionally Killing Your Chances of Starting and Running a Successful Business?
If you’re like me, you probably have 100+ business books on your shelf collecting dust. Some of
them you’ve read, some of them you had hopes of reading, but life just got in the way.

Each of those books probably followed a theme and had one important underlying message to
share with you. Hundreds of pages, thousands of words, but only one golden nugget of
underlying wisdom.

Imagine if you could have one book that gave you 100 golden nuggets.
The Better Business Book consists of 100 people each sharing their most valuable business
lesson. A real story from their business experience and the lesson they learned from it. 

Each time you read it, you will learn something new. Guaranteed.
Here’s Just A Few Things You’ll Learn Inside Of This FREE Book
  • All Your Excuses Debunked: Two Case Studies That Prove You Don’t Need Any Experience,  Money or Help to Start a Successful Business - pg. 9 
  • You Only Need to Be Right Once - One of the Greatest Artists of All Time Created Over 50,000  Different Pieces of Published Art and the World Only Recognizes a Few of Them; Copy His Approach and Succeed in Everything You Do - pg. 13 
  • Why ‘Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow’ Is One of the Worst Pieces of Advice You  Will Ever Receive (and What You Should Do Instead) - pg. 17 
  • Discover the Reason Behind 99% of Your Previous Failures (You Will Be Surprised How Simple  It Is) and Then Use This Simple Trick to Ensure You Never Get Paralyzed by Fear and Overwhelm Again - pg. 32 
  • 7 Steps I Followed to Make $500 for My First Suzuki Over 10 Years Ago (Fast Forward to Today ) I Still Take These Steps Every Time I Want to Achieve Something Big) – pg. 45
  • Missing Out on Opportunities Because due to Lack of Experience? The Lesson I Learned From  the Top Needlecraft Sales Representative in the Country (Who Could Barely Thread a Needle) Helped Me Build Multiple Successful Businesses in Different Niches – From Film and TV to Dating - pg. 57
  • French Restaurant Owner Works 9 Days Straight, Covering Extra Shifts + Overtime for $1800  While His Guest, Financial Advisor, Makes the Same Amount in 35 Minutes. Find Out What Makes the Difference (Hint: It’s Not His Degree) – pg. 60
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Running an Online Business – Learn How to See the Good,  Cope with the Bad, Stay Away From the Ugly and Enjoy Every Minute of Your Entrepreneurial Journey - pg. 69 
  • Forget What You Learned In Business School – That’s Not How the Selling Process Works!  Learn How to Use the O.S.C.A.R. Approach to Close Any Deal Without Sounding Like an Annoying Salesperson (Really, You Will Be Able to Sell Crutches to an Olympic Sprinter) – pg.  77
  • 30 Years of Marriage Beat Every Business School – How Similar a Successful Marriage and  Running a Successful Business Actually Are and What You Must Know in Order to Be Great at Both (Note: Those of You Who Are Single – Relax, None of the Steps Require You to Get Married) – pg. 112
  • There Are Two Types of Advisors, and Listening the Wrong One Can Cost You Everything! Learn How to Tell Them Apart and Never Make a Bad Decision Again (My Process on How To Spot the Good Ones) – pg. 131
  • 4 Myths About Confidence That Keep You From Escaping the Self Doubt Loop + the 3 Step  Solution That Will Give You Courage to Approach Strangers at Cocktail Parties, Give Speeches in Front of Big Audiences and Start Your Own Business – pg. 198 
  • How Listening to My Gut Intuition Took Me From My Dad’s Death, to Making Millions of Dollars, to Almost Dying of Stomach Disease, and then to Becoming a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Salesman (How You Can Overcome Any Obstacle In Life With This 3 Step Process) – pg. 223
  • One Amazing Trait We All Had When We Were Kids But Lost Along the Way (How to Get it  Back) – pg. 267
  • The ABCs of Business Start With U: The One Trait Most of Us Already Posses Is a Difference  Maker (Learn How To Activate It To Start Your Business) – pg. 273 
  • 12 Tips On Becoming A Better Writer (From a Certified Terrible Writer Who Failed English Class Numerous Times) -pg. 318 
  • How To Sustain Your Success With Connections and Credibility (Even if You Starting From Ground Zero) - pg. 326
  • 2 Big Questions I Ask Myself Before Embarking on Any Business Endeavor – From Multiple  Failures to Writing a Book That Was on Top of the Charts to Starting a Successful Business – pg. 332
This Book Is A Must Have - You Can Get It For FREE Today Or Wait Until Thousands Of Businesspeople Are Ranting and Raving About It 
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“I started reading this book because I want to start my own business. It was a huge confidence
booster for me! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that wants to become an
entrepreneur as well.”
- Kelley Stevens
“It taught me how to leverage social media platforms to gain more customers” 
- Jonathan Tager
“If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur and you want to see what everyone is doing, this will show you what they’re doing in the trenches and what’s been the biggest thing to bump their needle in their business.” 
- Justin Kavanaugh
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Blurb from a quote .... a MUST READ"
Review By John Smith
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like this book. It's SUPER, SUPER cool and the more I read it the more I want to read it again! In fact, I am going to start reading it again RIGHT NOW!!!
Another Awesome Blurb...
Review By Jane Doe
Oh yes!!! I'm pretty sure this is the greatest book of all time! There is just NO OTHER BOOK that is even half this cool. I promise...

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Jane Smith

Post an awesome testimonial from someone who thinks you're fascinating and really liked your book or free offer.

John Smith

Post an awesome testimonial from someone who thinks you're fascinating and really liked your book or free offer.

Jane Doe
Adam Fogelman
Owner at The Alchemy
Amanda Shaffer
President at Brainvine
Amy Dalton
Empowerment Coach
April Stickleman
Healing Arts Practicioner
at Wellbing with April
Andre Leiva
Anfernee Chansamooth
Founder at Simple Creative Marketing
Angus Pryor
Founder at
  Dental Profit System
Anna Livermore
Owner at
V. MORA Consulting
Antonio Crawford
Orange County Christian Writers Conference
Austin Gunter
Author, Developer Marketing at Datawire.io
Austin Woolridge
Founder at
Players Lounge
Bodie Campagna
Calvin Witcher
Author, Life Coach
Caurnel Morgan
Founder at
Akhu Therapeutics, Inc.
Charles Clay
Health Coach,
Personal Trainer at www.thebridgesrsf.com
Charlie Serocold 
Director at
Thomson Reuters
Chris Taylor
Founder at
Actionable Books
Christina Gheorghies
Founder at Youniversal World of Lifecraft
Christine Hart
Founder at Christine Hart Coaching
Colleen Madden
Owner at
Summit View Counceling
Courtney Costello
Realtor at
Pacific Sotheby's International Realty
Daniel Marcos
President at
Gazelles Growth Institute
Dave Cox
David Hrostoki
Author, Digital Marketer
Derek Loudermilk
Founder at
The Art of Adventure
Diana House
Entrepreneur, Partner at ADJ Holdings Inc.
Douglas Karr
CEO at
DK New Media
Egbar Ozenkoski
Section Director at
Alpha Kappa Psi
Eric Fraser
Real Estate Agent
Eric Holtzclaw
Author, Podcast Host, Serial Entrepreneur
Eric Zarton
Bestselling Author, Founder of Zbooks
Frankie Kerr
Sales Operation Manager at Lidl US
Gerard Duffy
Greg Plum
Founder at Plum Unified Communications, Partner Marketing at Contactually
Gayatri Ravi
Founder of
Survivors With Us
Heidi Marja Norman Einvoll
Author, Life Coach
Heather Hemmer
Founder at
The 30 Clean
James Ranson
Founder at
The Master Wordsmith
Jaret Henhoeffer
Founder at
Pengiun Power
Jason Economides
Founder at Funnel Jedi
Jason Treu
Bestselling Author, Business & Executive Coach
Jeremy Yaacov
Professor, Entrepreneur, Investor
Jordan Lejuwan
Co-founder at
Jerry Chuculate
Joe Brachochi
Joe Figliano
Founder at
The Power Within
Joel Sprechman
Founder at
One Great Gut
Jolie Dawn
Bestselling Author, Business Coach
Jon De Asis
Consultant at PwC
Karin Raffa
Founder at
My Germanology
Katelyn Kopenhaver
Fashion Designer
Katie Titi
Kenneth T. Davis
Founder at The BIED Society, Professor
Kevin Wang
15 year old entrepreneur
Kim Kirmmse Toth
Owner at
Positive Aging Inc.
Krystian Leonard
Author, President at Shining SCARS
Kyle Herrick
Kyle Musser
Founder at
Digital Conversion Labs
Kylie Slavick
Story Mastery for Digital Marketing at Kylie Slavik
Lana Guernsey
Founder and CEO
  Centio Communications
Lee Mcking
Professional Hypnotist
Leeta Song
Li Yin
Director of Marketing at Bridgelux
Marcie Peters
Author, Speaker, Coach
Megan Lyons
Founder at The Lyons' Share Wellness
Melina Moreno
Digital Marketing Nerd
Michael Robins
Mike Ganino
Speaker, Trainer, and Brand Geek 
Mike Sherbakov
Social Entrepreneur
Mina Salib
CEO at
Molly Butler
CEO at
Butler Insurance Agency
Parul Agrawal
Bestselling Author, Founder at Juicing for Healthier Families
Patience Ulstad
Founding Member at Vitality Cooperative for Holistic & Integrative Medicine
Paul Mcneal
COO Lauer Real Estate
Peggy Jaegly
Owner at
The Right Note
Phil Fischman
Owner at Beads, Crystals, and More
Phil Reynolds
Founder at
Phorce Fitness
Rachel Heacox
Owner at
Rachel Heacox Films
Rachel Smets
Regina Bergman
Author, Owner at Innovative Staffing Solutions
Renee Warren
Founder at Onboardly
Rivka Anne Kawano
Social Media Specialist
Robyn Sheilds
Coach, Writer
Russ Terry
Author, Life Coach
Sadaf Ayaz
Author, Founder at
REV 21 Media
Scott Mcdougal
Author, Copywriter
Shawn Hiner
SE Creative Group
Shiloh Ann Boss
Consultant at
Stas Verberkt
Sr. Security Consultant at Accenture
Tamir Huberman
Founder at
The Huberman Insight
Terril Van Hemert
Tom Ayling
Author, Founder at
Self Publishing System
Trish Carlson
Sapphire Consultant at Organo
Troy West
Bestlling Author, Founder at Lifestyle Financial Planning
Tyson Wagganner
Marketing Consultant at Bolt Marketing
Vincent Borelli
Advisor at Concord Wealth Management
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